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Leela - Play of divine energy, Painting by Pratiksha Apurv

Oil on Canvas , 36 x 72 inches (91.44 x 182.88 cm)
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Paintings by Pratiksha Apurv - Leela - Play of divine energy
Pratiksha Apurv
Professional Artist

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Pratiksha Apurv



Leela - Play of divine energy



Oil on Canvas



36 x 72 inches (91.44 x 182.88 cm)





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Among all the gods and goddesses in ancient scriptures, Krishna is the most adorable figure and one who is always seen as very playful, yet with a multidimensional character. Whether you think of him as a teacher of Arjuna or as a companion of the Gopi’s in Braj, just the mention of his name triggers an energy that is full of love, Joy and Bliss. In Bhagvad Geeta, Krishna beautifully plays the role of a Master to Arjuna in explaining the supreme knowledge. Whereas his character, from childhood to adolescent in Braj, is that of a very naughty boy, one who enjoys playing with his villager friends and as one who celebrates the whole universe while singing and dancing with his Gopi’s.

And, that is the reason poets like Sant Surdas and Ratnakar, who wrote the historical Uddhav Shatak and authored ‘Leela’ surrounding Krishna’s playful character, has portrayed Krishna unlike any of the other gods and goddesses. Krishna's Raasleela - the dance of celebration- is the manifestation of the ultimate meditative state, where those dancing with him were so besotted by his mesmerizing acts that everything around them seems to have stopped. This is not an ordinary dance since for the Gopi’s, ‘Time Stand Still’ when Krishna puts the flute to his lips and the divine naad (melody), made them drop their minds while celebrating the universe.

As Surdas says “Bansuri Bajaye Aaj rangso Murari, Shiv Samadhi Bhuli Gayi Muni Man ki Taari.” This very dance with Krishna is a moment of being total and dissolving oneself completely into love towards the Divine. When Krishna is dancing with a Gopi, he dances so totally with her that she feels he is wholly hers. And, if there are hundreds of Gopi’s dancing with Krishna on full a moon night, each one of them feels the same way. To Arjuna Krishna says- “ Bhaktya Tvananya Shakya Aham evam vidho’rjuna, Jnathum Drashtu ch tattwena Praveshtum ch parantapah” When there is total devotion, Krishna says- “Arjuna I am available, i can be known and seen and only in this way can you enter into me.” It sounds unbelievable, but God can be seen and known in this playful moment. For Krishna, every moment is Raas, and when you are total in your dance and therefore spontaneous, with no discipline or rules to follow, you can have the glimpse of divine.

Unlike other gods depicted in our scriptures, Krishna is perhaps the most lovable figure who enjoys songs and dance as well as moments of great laughter with his friends and Gopi’s. This is because Krishna does not have a system, a structure unlike other figures, because he is complete and whole in himself, and therefore does not need to follow any set pattern or discipline. Krishna has also never been depicted to be serious in any imaginative sketches, that artists have painted him down the ages. His image brings celebration into life making it an occasion of festivity, a moment of fun, joy and play. And, this festivity is not a small thing. It is a cosmic celebration.

Osho while describing Raasleela as “Dance with the Master” says that the word Gopi means a devotee - One, who has chosen the path of devotion and that of Surrender. Krishna represents the lover and Gopi as the beloved and in this Raas, the search is not through the devotees mind but through the heart- where there is no effort but total surrender. When the Gopi’s are singing, there is only the song, and when Meera is dancing there is only the dance. There is no Meera, as the dancer has completely merged into the dance. When Chaitanya Maharaprabhu is singing and dancing his Kirtan, there is no Chaitanya, he has become one with his song and dance.
Krishna in Bhagvad Geeta tells Arjuna “Sarv Dharma Parityajya, mam ekam sarnamvraja, aham tvam sarva papebhyo, moksayisyami ma sucach”. Krishna says “Abandon all kinds of religion and just surrender to me, and I shall deliver you from all worldly reactions.” In both the situations- i.e. Raasleela with the Gopi’s and an Arjuna in the Kurukshetra, both are in total surrender, and dropping of the individual ego or ‘I’ is the first step towards attaining this path of supreme love.
There is a beautiful story of Marpa, a mystic saint from Tibet. When Marpa was searching for a Master, he heard about a guru who lived up in the hills. He went there and surrendered himself to the master and asked him what he should do now. The Master said, “Once you have surrendered to me, you are not supposed to do anything. Just believe in me. My name is the only secret mantra for you. Marpa touched his feet and returned down the hill. On the way, there was a river and Marpa deep in devotion, started walking on the river. Some other disciples watching this unique phenomenon were startled and immediately reported it to the Master that Marpa was walking on the water, singing and dancing. Even the Master was surprised to hear this and he summoned Marpa. The Master asked Marpa, how did you do it? Marpa said i did not do anything, I just remembered you, saying- Master, allow me to walk on water and it happened. I didn’t do anything. The Story further says that even the Master was surprised and he thought it could be the result of his name and he tried to walk on the water himself, but sank as soon as he took the first step. Later the Master fell at Marpa's feet and said, my name has not worked, but it is your total and complete surrender that has made this miracle.
This is what Krishna calls, a complete surrender.’ Though it is not rational and logical, Krishna’s Raas is an indication of this total surrender or devotion- a glimpse of the wholesomeness of existence!

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