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The Indivisible WHOLE, Painting by Pratiksha Apurv

Oil on Canvas , 48 x 48 inches (121.92 x 121.92 cm)
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Paintings by Pratiksha Apurv - The Indivisible WHOLE
Pratiksha Apurv
Professional Artist

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Pratiksha Apurv



The Indivisible WHOLE



Oil on Canvas



48 x 48 inches (121.92 x 121.92 cm)



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48 Diameter



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In our world computation-famously referred as an ultimate revolution for processing the information- relies purely on an Indian invented numerical digit “Sunya” -- roughly, translated in English as emptiness or zero for correct calculation. But, if we look beyond mathematics where Sunya is additive identity, we realize that it plays a central role in defining the world and god. This is exactly what various “ism” including Buddhism and Vedanta reveal to us, though with layered arguments.

Isha Vasya Upnishad is the smallest yet the greatest document in existence which can also be written on a postcard. There is no document of such profoundness and luminosity in the whole history. These sutras are transmitted twenty-five centuries before even Buddha.

Aum Purnamadah-Purnamidam, Purnat Purnamudachyate, Purnasya, Purnamadaya, Puranameva vasisyate - defines the true meaning of ‘wholeness’ or infinite indicating the ultimate phenomenon where every calculation, all the computation yields identical result. This may surprise those living in tech world. If I have Rs.20 and give you Rs.5, I will have only Rs.15. This is a standard calculation of a computer. However, sages will differ with you. They will refute such calculation by claiming it as a result of too much mind and reality nothing changes.

The argument would be that you did not lose a single penny, and you have the same or may be even more and nothing changes by giving somebody. You take out a bucket of water and there will be more. It is ultimate definition of god. The division of wholeness with wholeness will only be wholeness.

Then there is similar argument in Buddhism which describes the same phenomenon of ‘wholeness’ as nothingness. This Nothingness or emptiness refers to our daily experiences which we wrongly perceive as truth and take us to path of detachment. Famous buddhist monk Saraha's disciple Nagarjuna in Dvadasanikaya Sastra refers to the greatest wisdom of Sunyata—“no rise no fall, no addition and no deletion.”

Nagarjuna's nothingness and Isha Upanishad's wholeness are two sides of the same coin. It is our own perception that we are looking at both the phenomenon differently. Buddha says there is no self and all that there is Sunyata-nothingness. While referring to liberation from all bondages, Buddha says this world is full of darkness, misery and death and thus it is -nothingness. On the other hand Upnishads will give you a contrary view saying when there is no darkness in your life, bliss will descend and it will be fullness or wholeness, completely empty of misery.

It could appear as outrageous arguments to some due to realization of only three stages - Body, mind and soul. Body means food and sex while mind will get you indulged in other creative aspects of life including music, drama, painting and poetry. Mostly these two stages- body which symbolizes duality and mind which symbolizes many--several aspects becomes the ultimate definition of majority of human being. We feel this is it. This is life. When we go higher the soul comes- our self where oneness is the sign- you become one with god but one as number remains itched in our mind. However, this leads to a mistake because there is “Turiya” – the fourth stage where there is neither duality nor oneness.

Osho says in this fourth stage of ‘Turiya’ there is neither two nor many nor one. It can be called either Wholeness or Nothingness. In Osho's word "Buddha used the word nothingness. Isha Upanishad used it for Wholeness. They mean the same thing .The zero symbolizes both- Nothing and the Whole."

Buddha told his disciple Anand that the world is empty; however, Isha Vasya upnishad says “that (god) is the whole and this (world) is whole too.” Both arguments define same stage of ‘Turiya’ with the ultimate definition of nothing and the Whole. It is state of bliss, there is nothing beyond this, there is no further travelling. “Tejobhirapurya, Jagatsamagram”.

Geeta says a true seeker not only understand this phenomenon but can also see it happening-“ Ye Bhajantu, Maa Bhaktya, Mayi te Teshu-Chapyamaham” Krishna and the seeker merge in one another and there is no difference, there is no duality or oneness. It is like a spring meeting with another spring- That is the whole and this is the Whole too. This is stage which is described as ultimate in human lives by Osho. He says that nothing exist beyond 'Turiya.' Unless one reaches to the fourth stage; One is living on the silver mine, one has to move to gold then diamond mine and then to the beyond. “ Purnat Purnamudachyate, Purnasya Purnamadaya, Purnameva Vashishyate”

From that wholeness emerges this wholeness and this wholeness that surround you only wholeness can be born. You multiply or divide zero to Zero or add, subtract Zero from Zero the result will remain zero. Similarly the adding or subtracting wholeness from Wholeness or multiplying or division of Wholeness to Wholeness will only be Wholeness- only whole will emerge without losing anything. This is beyond calculation.

Suppose you give your love to someone but do you really think that love is gone? No, in fact by giving your love to someone you still have the love and may be by giving love to someone you get more love. Your love remains with you but you get richer by giving love to somebody else as the flowering starts within you. Osho in one of his discourse has mentioned that this is beyond ordinary economics. In the ordinary economics if you give something definitely you will have less. But, he says the inner world is totally different- It is like drawing water from a well. The moment you draw water from a well, from the hidden springs more water starts coming to the well to fill the space.

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